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The Complete Daily Grind Ninja Epic.

So I am Posting A Very Large File Here is is Every single Part so Far . LAbeled for your benefit. Its huge though so im sorry dial up users.




So i decided i had to do something to Comemorate My advancement and peoples drop through the grind. so is started doing this. and do to a flux of new readers every once in awhile i feel the need to put it all in one place for you all!!!!! . Well here it goes.

R.I.P Bruce Gorr & Scott Williams

R.I.P Jeff Skinner

R.I.P Corey McDaniel

R.I.P Dean Trippe

R.I.P John Campbell

R.I.P Eric Goldsby

Wendy Chin

Interlude: The Judges

R.I.P Jeff Bent

R.I.P Phillipe Gaboury

R.I.P Todd Emko

R.I.P Dave Sherril

Interlude : The Judges

R.I.P Skott Kurtz

R.I.P Jason Turner

R.I.P Brian Fukushima

R.I.P Owen Kuhn

R.I.P Greg Dean

R.I.P Robin Bougie

R.I.P Miles Pekala

R.I.P  Phil McAndrew

Ninja Backstory : Donald Noffsinger & Richard Guidry

R.I.P Yu Jay Ho

R.I.P Chris Crosby


R.I.P John Hill

R.I.P Remi Treuer

The Interlude

R.I.P Natasha Allegri

Interlude : Revelations

The Place Between : R.I.P. Steve Troop and Todd Sullivan


so there it is so far .... as you can tell it started and there wasnt even a story. but now that its been gpoing i couldnt help myself. thats one of the many reasons i did the backstory ... just to kinda bumrush you a backstory and have a few blocks to build on. but because of the backstory i wanna redo a few of the comics. (bougie, turner, kurtz) but thats for another day. .... ok... there you go.

 why not go on and check out BOOK 2!!!

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