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So the curtain falls???

Fuck... Looks like I'm out of the daily grind ....

Last night my computer was running massively slow and I was having trouble uploading ... Everything seemed to have gone well ... But when I woke up my comic didn't seem to be there.

I went into edit entries and found it existing so I viewed it and hit post ... I appeared , with the right time and all .. I assumed maybe my computer didnt load it or some odd occurrence ( this happened to someone else a week or two ago and my comic got called into question... But everything was good on my half , so I was able to defend it ..)

I figured I would wait and see if anyone brought it up ... ( maybe it was just my computer I hoped) but it did get brought up a bunch ... And though the time was correct the placement on my RSS feed wasn't , so I'm certainly honorable enough to know it must've not been up all night.

Twice in a month? My first thought was sabotage , which i know is stupid ( but if you did do it... Well done and shame on you) but it seems to be my computer or my stupidity ... Either way , it's over...

I'm bummed because the ninja deaths were coming back soon ... The final chapter of book two was my favorite ... But alas...

I know I've been a hair polarizing in this contest, from phoned in comics to extremely drunk ones ... But it's really been a journey and a growing thing for me... Though some of the comments have been hateful and shitty most were great and helped either get me out of a funk or continue to be better...

I'm still amazed at how long this truly was ... A quarter of my life!!!!! A QUARTER!!! ( other mike, can you give me and exact count as to how many we did so far)I went through senior year of highschool, college... Moving to new York ... 4 different apartments there ( two without proper Internet) ... Power outages , a bunch of failed relationships ( I'd rather not get into the exact number) 3 roommates ( the last being my current not failed and awesome relationship) ....almost suicide it felt, Trips to other countries .... Seriously a 4th of my life and it was a life lived outside of this contest too .... But to go down Looking instead of swinging really hurts.

I know everyone says they are gonna keep drawing and keep posting and blah blah blah .... I wish I could do that but my heart just aches right now so I'm not gonna force the issue for a bit ... But god I hope i come back here ...

So thank you for reading , for sharing in this adventure of mine that has taking me through some of the lot formative years I think I'll ever have... I disappointed because I'm a storyteller, and a competitor and stubborn as hell , so I wish I could've gone out with a bang and done you all proud.

So again , thank you for reading( what you could read anyway) , I've said it alot and I'll say it more , because I never wanted to let anyone down ever , and I feel like I just blew hard.

I hope my next chapter of life is as fun/agnozing/ and pushes me as this was...

So thanks for reading and sticking around all for it to end in disappointment ... Thank you so much ....

Goodbye, see you when I see you.

-Michael W Stevens

(p.s. I hope grug wins , always have.)

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